About us

About Meta

Meta Infotech is 21-year-old organisation providing IT solutions to large and very large corporates in India. We are the leading name in companies focusing exclusively on Enterprise Cyber Security. Our portfolio of delighted repeat-customers consists of some of the biggest names in the enterprise IT space. On the offering-side, we boast exclusive professional partnerships with the most relevant names in the Cyber Security domain in India – Bluecoat, Imperva, Smokescreen and Allot.

We are a “One-stop solution partner”, for most of your Cyber Security Services requirements. We have been a profitable company with an excellent track record for the best customer satisfaction and quality of service since the inception. We believe in keeping customers happy. We have a professional team who will guide you with the best practices at each stages of the project implementation until signoff.

Our People Power

We are an agile, nimble tightly run ship, which packs a high density of highly empowered and capable human resources. On board with Meta, are niche experts who have been trained explicitly, extensively and exclusively in this specialized area. The quality of our people may be assessed from the fact that in all of Asia, we have the highest number of Bluecoat certifications and Blue Knights.


Our Delighted Customers

The capability of the organization is evidenced by the fact that we were responsible for the biggest Bluecoat implementation. And this is not a one-hit wonder. With more than 30 enterprise clients as reference customers, and a striking track record of 100% customer retentionsince the year 2000, we emphasise quality focus, customer delight and the right scale of operations for a company our size. Our track record speaks for itself.


Growth and Revenue Numbers

Meta Infotech’s growth story is revealed in objective numbers – the only company with a staggering 120% growth in the Cyber Security industry. Yet, we are not “a typical start-up burning investor funds”. We have a profitable legacy of 21 years in business without any external funding till date.

Unique Proposition

Although young, energetic and agile, we are no newbies to the IT industry. Meta’s entry into the world of Cyber Security happened in 2008 and today we have achieved the distinction of being the only focused Cyber Security Solution provider in India and our unique propositions & legacy make us a force to reckon with.

The only company in the world offering Cyber Security training, implementation, annual maintenance and sustenance services with “Money back guarantee”.

A partial list of our achievements is listed in this table:
  • A profitable legacy of 21 years in business without any external funding till date
  • Only focussed Cyber Security partner in India in the enterprise segment with 100% business from providing Cyber Security solutions.
  • Only company in the world offering 24/7, 365 days and Money Back Guarantee on Support Services
  • More than 30 enterprise clients as reference customers
  • 100% customer retention since year 2000
  • Only company in the industry with 120% growth in Cyber security business
  • Only company in India with 90% Technical consultants and Engineers
  • Only Professional Services partner for Bluecoat, Imperva, Smokescreen and Allot in India
  • 200+certifications and 5 Symantec Knights on Bluecoat and other Technologies, Highest No of certifications of Bluecoat and Blue Knights in Asia
  • Bulk of India’s Bluecoat implementation executed by us
  • World’s largest implementation of Bluecoat at executed by us