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Security Scoreboard

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Security Scoreboard - Product range

Security Ratings
Gain an outside-in view of your security posture so you can take preventative action. Scoring is based on our trusted, transparent ratings methodology and data collected on millions of organizations.
Security Data
Access and analyze SecurityScorecard’s security data for actionable insights to make fast decisions.
Security Assessments
SecurityScorecard Assessments complement security ratings for a complete inside-out view of vendor risk.
Automatic Vendor Detection
Use AVD to gain a complete view of your third and fourth-party ecosystem to uncover known and unknown connections, drive targeted discussions, and streamline workflows.
Cyber Risk Quantification
Cyber risk is no longer just an IT problem. Holistic conversations about the financial impact of cyber risk are needed to ensure the sustainability of the business.
Cyber Risk Reporting
Our Cyber Risk Reporting Center enables you to easily interpret and share SecurityScorecard findings.
Security Scoreboard Marketplace
Integrate, automate, and simplify workflows to take your security program to the next level.

Security Scoreboard - Services

Active Security
Outthinking the adversary is essential in today’s world. Active testing determines the effectiveness of your security controls and enhances your ability to defend against cyber attacks.
Cyber Risk Intelligence
When you have vitally important questions about cyber threats, Cyber Risk Intelligence as-a-Service (CRIaaS) gives you the answers and assurance you need.
Digital Forensics Solutions
Through our recent acquisition of LIFARS, SecurityScorecard’s professional services empower your post-breach actions.
Third-Party Risk Management
Obtaining a complete picture of your cyber risk exposure requires visibility into all of your vendors and partners’ risk.