#Symantec Security Center
Stay ahead of tomorrow’s threats and security incidents with the latest information from the global leader in cyber security.

Security Management

Symantec Protection Bulletin
These bulletins share protection updates for threats in the news and those still under the radar, so you know you are covered.
Global Protection by the Numbers
Intrusion prevention automatically detects and blocks network attacks and attacks on browsers.
Virus Definitions & Security Updates
To stay secure you should be running the most recent version of your licensed product and have the most up-to-date security content.
Submit Evidence
Symantec product is incorrectly detecting a file or an url or a website which you feel is clean. This is also called a False Positive
Symantec Product Vulnerability
Symantec, A Division of Broadcom, is committed to resolving security vulnerabilities in our products quickly and carefully.
Software Documentation
Manage database performance with increased flexibility and reliability.
Intrusion Detection Signatures
Symantec security products include an extensive database of attack signatures.
Threat and Risk Listing
These threats are also detected by the latest Virus Definitions.
Security Acknowledgement
Broadcom thanks the individuals and organizations that have responsibly reported security issues affecting the company.