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Web Security

Users are everywhere and need quick access to data and cloud applications around the clock. In the cloud, on-premises or both, you need to stop inbound and outbound threats targeting your end users, information and key infrastructure. Today’s network protection must account for this new reality while balancing security, performance, complexity, and cost.

Enterprise’s rapid adoption of cloud applications and increasing use of the web is putting pressure on existing network security architectures. Roaming users and new endpoint device types adds additional complexity and challenges. Enterprise security teams must grapple with a series of questions against this new backdrop, such as:

  • How do we protect our users, regardless where they are located, from an evolving threat landscape?
  • How can we make sure our data is secure and maintains compliance with legal regulations?
  • How do we effectively manage new types of devices and our mobile/remote users?
  • How can we migrate our current infrastructure to the cloud without sacrificing functionality or flexibility?